Can a novice use Drive A Track?


DRIVE A TRACK accommodates all levels of driver; from track day novices to F1 super stars. However, we have our A grade or higher ARDs certified Instructors track side at all of our events. Our instructors can take you through your first laps, making them safe and quickly giving you the confidence you need. For more information please see our tuition page or contact our lead instructor Paul.

Does my car need to be road registered?


Here at Drive A Track we run grass routes track days for road going cars only. All cars must have, be eligible for a road worthy MOT or comply with Motorsport UK current safety and silencing regulations. This reduces the speed differential caused by standard road cars and homologated race cars. We reserve the right to remove any vehicle should we deem it not safe. Please see our rules and regulations document for more details or contact us at info@driveatrack.co.uk if you are unsure your car is eligible.

Do I need to wear a helmet? 

Yes, all occupants of the car must wear a motorsport based helmet. Cycling or motocross derived helmets are not permitted. Convertible or open top cars require a full face helmet. Should you have any questions about the suitability of your helmet please contact us at info@driveatrack.co.uk.

Do I need a driving licence?


Yes, all drivers require a full valid UK driving license. Should you have any further questions regarding your license please contact us at info@driveatrack.co.uk.

What time do I arrive at the event?


We recommend you to arrive at circuit around 45 minutes before briefing to allow time for sign on and maybe squeeze in the obligatory bacon sandwich. But don’t worry, a time sheet will be emailed to you prior to every event. 

Can I have a passenger?


Yes, passengers are allowed on circuit too for a small fee. A passenger can be added at checkout or anytime on the day

Can I reserve a garage?


Most circuits do have garages and will be availabe for a small fee dependant on circuit. A garage can be booked at checkout or sign on. Due to the typically limited number of garages per circuit they come on a strictly first come first serve basis. Should you not require a garage there will be ample room in paddocks.

Do I need insurance?


We do not provide track day insurance cover ourselves  although we would recommended it. There are many trackday specific companies that can quote you for a single event. 

Are there any hidden costs?


We at Drive A Track believe in grass routes track days. We provide low fee track days with no hidden costs. Should you have any queries with any costs please contact us at info@driveatrack.co.uk

Can I buy a gift card?


Gift cards make a fantastic present for birthdays, Christmas or even a wedding! Gift cards can be purchased for any value and sent directly to the receiver with a personal message. For more information please contact us at info@driveatrack.co.uk.

Is there a photographer?


At Drive A Track we provide photographs from professional motorsport photographer George Pinkney from Finely Finnessed. All photos are published on the Drive A Track facebook page for you to tag, share and download free of charge. Please see our Photography page for more details.

What should I wear?


All drivers and passengers need to wear helmets, suitable clothing covering arms & legs, and suitable footwear. FIA nomex fireproofs are recommended but not essential. Please see our rules and regulation document for further details. Typically most circuits are open areas with little protection from wind so warm clothing is also advised. 


If you have any other questions about the events or us here at Drive A Track, please don’t hesitate to email us at info@driveatrack.co.uk and we will be happy to get back to you.