-‘Buyer’, ‘you’, ‘your’ or ‘customer’ means the individual or group purchasing goods or services from Drive A Track Ltd.


-‘Seller’, ‘us’ or ‘we’ means Drive A track Ltd. Registered company number 12326497.


-‘contract’ means the binding between seller and buyer on purchase or deposit of product or service.


Booking and Payment


-All events are subject to availability with a first come first serve basis.


-Failure to pay the deposit or full price where applicable gives the seller the right to cancel the product or service without prior notice.


-We reserve the right to cancel or decline any booking at discretion.


-All payments made through the website must use our third party payment service, Paypal.


-For any on site purchases cash or a valid debit or credit card must be used. American Express is not accepted.


-We reserve all rights to change prices and/or event details and/or products with no prior notice.


Cancellation Policy


-If you wish to cancel your booking 14 days prior to the event an 80% refund will be granted. This is due to the admin fee. 


-If you cancel within 14 days of the event a 50% refund will be granted.


-If you cancel 72 hours prior to the event no refund or credit note will be granted.


-A driver name change has no fee.


-After registration there can be no refund or change of details.


-Any credit notes provided need to be used within 12 months of issue.


-Sometimes schedules change causing deviation to the event. All customers will be notified to these deviations as soon as possible.


-No refund shall be granted should the event be cancelled or have a reduced running time due to adverse weather conditions subject to the Lead Instructor. Should the event see cancelations or reduced timings a further event will be created where feasibly possible at an additional cost.


– In the event of a natural or political force majeure the seller reserves the right to delay, post pone or cancel the event with no prior notice.


-In the event of a force majeure Drive A Track reserves the right to not supply a refund.


*A force majeure is an event which is reasonably out of the control of the seller; including but not limited to acts of god, flooding, wild fires, breakdowns, burglaries, death, disease/illness (does not need to be classified via government or private organisation), strikes, industrial disputes.   


Privacy Policy


The following statements declare Drive A Track’s internal policies to protecting customer data. No data stored is shared with any third party unless legally bound to do so.


-Upon registration we collect your name, car details, address, email address and telephone number.


-We only use contact details to provide information in regards to upcoming events or products.


-Only when agreeing to terms and conditions will Drive A Track use your email to promote future events. This can be unsubscribed from at any time.


-Upon using our website we collect information from the IP address and browser used.


-All data is securely stored on our private domain and data base.


-All payment information is dealt with via our trusted payment partners.


-We reserve the right to share any data needed to insurance companies, emergency services and circuits in relation to any accident or claim.


-We reserve the right to photograph all events for promotional use. 


-All indemnity forms will be stored physically for seven years as legally required.


-Should any payment be taken over the phone all details will be shredded and disposed of after payment.


-At the request of any customer their data may be permanently deleted upon request should it be legally permissible.


-Any customer may request their data stored upon our internal systems.


Event Associated Risks


-The customer acknowledges that participating and/or spectating can be dangerous. With risk of collision. This may result in serious injury or death.


-Understanding the previous statement denotes full acknowledgment of any risks associated with track driving/spectating; Entering a DRIVE A TRACK event is there for voluntary and the customer fully accepts the risk of loss, damage, injury or death.


-We reserve the right to expel or penalise any dangerous driving from the event, subject to the lead instructor.


Circuit Regulations


– You agree to be bound by the track rules and regulations at every event and it is your responsibility to read these documents.


-You must sign the online briefing form before every event.


-It is your responsibility you attend the circuit specific briefing on the day.


-Timing or competitive driving is not permitted and will see penalties administered by the lead instructor. We reserve the right to exclude you from the rest of the event.


-Any damage caused by the customer(s) to circuit property will be paid for in full by the customer(s) involved. The circuit will announce a quote for the damage before filing an invoice.


-You accept that we do not check other vehicles within the event to ensure legality.


-Vehicles that do not meet the minimum requirements or noise criteria will see an immediate exclusion from the rest of the event with no refund.



-Drive A Track reserves the right to cancel any competition due to not meeting a predetermined cut off number of applicants or any other effecting factors. 


-The money refunded is for the trackday experience only – Any additional purchases eg tuition, garage, etc are not covered within the competition. 


-Drive A Track will use a random generator to pick the winner with no bias.